Undergraduate Degrees

Environmental Science, B.S.
The BS in Environmental Science degree program is offered exclusively by the ESP department. Please refer to the University Catalog and the appropriate advising sheet for your incoming catalog year for more details on the degree requirements. Available advising sheets are for catalog years 2014-15  and 2013-14.

Degree concentrations are listed below:

Conservation (CNSV)
Ecological Sciences (ECSI)
Environmental Health (EVHL)
Human and Ecosystem Response to Climate Change (HERC)
Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Ecology (MEFC)

Environmental & Sustainability Studies, B.A.

The BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies degree program is jointly offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) and the New Century College (NCC). For the current B.A. degree requirements, please refer to the University Catalog and the advising sheet that coincides with your incoming catalog year: 2014-152013-142010-2012.

Biology, B.S.

This degree program is offered by the Department of Biology. In collaboration with the ESP department, the Environmental Science and Conservation Biology (ESCB) concentration of this degree is taught by ESP faculty. For degree coursework details, please see the individual advising sheet for the ESCB (2014-15).

Global and Environmental Change, B.S.

The GLEC degree program is jointly offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) and the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science (GGS).


In addition to the above undergraduate degree programs, the following undergraduate minors and certificate programs are offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. Those which are co-sponsored are noted.

Conservation Biology, Minor view flyer

Environmental Science, Minor view flyer

Environmental Policy, Minor view flyer

Sustainability Studies Minor (jointly sponsored by New Century College)

Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Management (UCEM)*

*This certificate program qualifies for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. For more information about program graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit the disclosure information page at: http://irr.gmu.edu/gedt/Environmental_Management/Gedt.html (Environmental Management program) and http://irr.gmu.edu/gedt/Gainful.cfm (all programs).

Non-degree Program