Black-band coral disease

by Dr. Robert Jonas


Black-band was the first disease of coral colonies to be described in the early 1970s.  Now we recognize about 30 different diseases all around the world.  What is the cause?  Mainly the specific causes are unknown.  It is suspected that environmental stress; for example elevated sea surface temperature, sedimentation, increased ultraviolet light; make corals susceptible to attack by endogenous microbes in the reef system or even on the coral itself.




Coral ecology and disease are the focus of both research and courses in ESP – students and faculty study both from a research and academic perspective.  Each spring Mason sends a group of students to the Bahamas for a coral ecology class on a live aboard sailboat.  The usual itinerary is to assemble in Nassau and sail for week of study in the Exumas.  Certainly seems like a good way to study!

Important Dates

SUMMER 2019 Session Dates

Session 1: May 20– Aug 10

A session: May 20– Jun 22

B session: Jun 3– Jul 27

C session: Jun 24– Jul 27

D session: May 20– Jul 27

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