Study abroad students published by African Wildlife Foundation

Ryan Valdez, a PhD student in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy who studies the ecological response of group ranching in Kenya, is the faculty director for the Mason study abroad course Kenya Ecology and Conservation. During the last course in the winter of 2013, Valdez approached the African Wildlife Foundation about publishing his students’ journals as blog posts on the AWF website, and this suggestion was well-received.

To date, half of the students who went on the trip to Kenya in January are already featured, and plans to add the rest are underway:

Read the full article from the Mason NewsDesk on 8/20/2013…


Soysambu Conservancy (from CGE GMU)

Ol Pejeta Conservancy (CGE GMU) – photo by John H. Probert


African Wildlife Foundation (CGE GMU)









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