Greenhouse volunteers needed

Monica Marcelli, the ESP Greenhouse Manager, is seeking student volunteers for the greenhouse this summer.  Students will not need to commit to a set number of hours per week, and can volunteer on a one-time or ongoing basis. You do not need to belong to the George Mason University community in order to belong.

Some advantages of volunteering at the greenhouse for students are:

1.It is a very relaxing environment which can be a stress management tool
2.It can be useful in future job applications as unpaid experience
3.They will learn about plant and pest identification
4.They will learn about earth-friendly methods of pest management

Contact: Monica Marcelli at 703-993-4043 or email

Important Dates

SUMMER 2019 Session Dates

Session 1: May 20– Aug 10

A session: May 20– Jun 22

B session: Jun 3– Jul 27

C session: Jun 24– Jul 27

D session: May 20– Jul 27

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