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Who Will Save The River Dolphin? by Jennifer Lewis

Read Jennifer Lewis’s recent blog post about the plight of the remaining Ganges river dolphins, as well as the efforts she and her fellow conservation biologists are currently engaged in to try to save them.      

ESP Doctoral students who found common interests and love

Congratulations to Gostel Morgan and Manuela Dal-Forno, two ESP graduate students who were recently married in Arlington, VA, near the end of November. We wish them every success in their academic and domestic lives. They are not the first husband and wife team in the ESP department.  The Bhattarais both graduated with PhDs in 2011. Sameer and Smriti Bhattarai […]

Wilson Center, Environmental Change and Security Program, Upcoming Event – December 4, 2014

Living Through Extremes: Building Livelihood Resilience Across Sectors and Countries Date: December 04, 2014 Time: 12:00pm — 2:00pm Location: Woodrow Wilson Center, 6th floor (There will be a live webcast of this event)   Event Speakers List: Roger-Mark De Souza // Director of Population, Environmental Security and Resilience, Wilson Center Robin Bronen // Senior Research Scientist, […]