ESP Staff complete inaugural Research Adminstration Certificate Program

Congratulations are in order!

Two ESP staff members, Lisa Bair, HR and Administrative Specialist, and Natasha Henrich, Finance & Grants Technician, recently completed the inaugural Research Administration Certificate Program and received their certificates in the celebration event held on June 20, 2017.

The Research Administration Certificate Program developed in collaboration with a cross-campus advisory committee, and is coordinated through the Office of Sponsored Programs. It is a professional development opportunity designed to educate staff about sponsored programs administration. The curriculum provides a deeper understanding of key concepts related to grant and contract administration. Participants attend 12 sessions, engage in problem-based learning exercises, and other hands-on or problem solving exercises to receive the Research Administration certificate.

Advisory Committee Members:

Amanda Fucci-Bartoszek (OSP)
Jessica Guzzo (CEHD)
Holly Park (CHHS)
Michele Schwietz (CHSS)
Donna Senator (OSP)
Ute Shaw (COS)
Pat Sperry (OSP)

Visit to learn more about each of the 12 sessions.