OSCAR and PEREC Summer Job Opportunity for Undergraduates – deadline March 15, 2018


PAID Summer Undergraduate Project (see all other OSCAR Summer Impact Grants 2018)
10-week program stipend = $4000 Full time summer job
May 29 – August 3, 2018

Download the PDF Flyer

This talented team of student field researchers will:
• Participate in extensive field, lab work, career & grad school prep
• Collaboratively assess and report the ecosystem health of the tidal freshwater Potomac River
through water quality, food web dynamics, and ecotoxicology of micropollutants & persistent organic pollutants

Applications due by March 15, 2018
To apply visit: https://gmu-csm.symplicity.com/
HireMason position ID: 152207
Successful applicants will be paired with a faculty mentor and be based at the Potomac Science Center

Students experience ALL, but will specialize in ONE research area:
•Assessing fish, invertebrate & zooplankton communities
•Analyzing organism tissue samples & sediment for pollutants 10 positions, working in two teams: Ecology and Chemistry. Please note interest in cover letter.

QUESTIONS? Contact: Dr. Amy Fowler afowler6@gmu.edu or Dr. Kim de Mutsert kdemutse@gmu.edu