ESP graduate is NCAA Woman of the Year Nominee

The Department of Environmental Science and Policy is proud to announce that one of our recent graduates is a NCAA Woman of the Year nominee!

Sharon Dorsey (B.S., 2018), who graduated in 2018 with a degree in environmental science, credits her undergraduate classes and field experience as a student for her confidence and post-graduate success.

Also a track star at Mason, Dorsey was a six-time Atlantic 10 Conference sprint champion and three-time Provost Scholar Athlete Award winner. She is also one of 152 nominees nationwide for NCAA Woman of the Year (one of two nominees from the Atlantic 10 Conference for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award). Dorsey also received the 2018 Susan A. Collins Leadership Award, given to the Mason athlete who best exemplifies the leadership qualities set by former Mason senior associate athletic director Sue Collins.

Dorsey now works for KCI Technologies in her hometown of Baltimore. As part of the company’s Natural Resources Management Division, she does bioassessments and inventories of forests, wetlands and streams on client properties.

Read the article on Mason News published on August 6, 2018: