A note on the definition of certain ESP faculty members

What is the difference between Affiliate Faculty and University Affiliate Faculty within the ESP Department?

“University affiliate faculty” are administrative faculty or faculty from another Mason department/college/center who are linked to the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. They may attend faculty meetings as non-voting members and may (or may not) choose to also become a member of the ESP graduate program faculty. Their names are designated with an asterisk (*) on the Graduate Program Faculty page.

“ESP affiliate faculty” are non-GMU natural or social scientists (with a PhD and a suitable research background)  who are affiliated with the ESP department. This grants them several university privileges for a contracted term (which must be renewed annually) and they may list the ESP department as an academic affiliation on publications as long as their terms are current. ESP affiliate faculty do not have any teaching responsibilities and do not attend ESP faculty meetings. However, ESP affiliate faculty are approved to sit on thesis and dissertation committees as an “external committee member.” For a list of ESP affiliate faculty who are from institutions and agencies outside Mason, please visit the Affiliate Faculty page.

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