Guidelines and Timelines for MS and PhD students

An immensely helpful document that was approved by the Executive Graduate Committee to assist faculty and students in navigating the graduate programs in Environmental Science and Policy.

MS Student Guidelines and Timelines:

PhD Student Guidelines and Timelines:

Forming a Committee

By the end of the fourth semester of course work, in consultation with your primary advisor, you MUST form a Dissertation Committee with at least four members for doctoral students and three members for master’s students.

Please contact the ESP Graduate Office Manager if you have any questions: Stephanie Lister (

Authorship Guidelines

Department of Environmental Science and Policy Guidelines for Authorship (PDF)

Objective: Recognizing that the research enterprise necessitates effective, attributed communication of original works by scholars, the faculty of the Department of Environmental Science & Policy outline below general guidelines for attribution of authorship for intellectual property. Because the definitions and appropriate order of authorship differ among the various disciplines and professional journals, as may standards for “substantial” and “scholarly efforts” or the extent to which authors must participate, students and faculty of the Department and their collaborators are encouraged to read and discuss these guidelines prior to entering into, at the inception of, and/or at critical stages of collaborative research and academic partnerships

As drafted by the ad hoc Committee on Authorship Issues, September 26, 2012 and minor revisions, November 2, 2012 – Approved by ESP Faculty November 6, 2012

Useful information for all students

Graduate Student Handbook for ESP – a helpful handbook that was put together by the ESP Graduate Student Association.