Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

Environmental Science, B.S.
The BS in Environmental Science degree program is offered exclusively by the ESP department. Please refer to the GMU Catalog for more details on the degree requirements.

Degree concentrations are listed below.  This list is updated to reflect what is in the current GMU Catalog. If you don’t see your concentration listed below, it will still be on the catalog.

Conservation (CNSV)
Ecological Sciences (ECSI)
Environmental Health (EVHL)
Human and Ecosystem Response to Climate Change (HERC)
Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Ecology (MEFC)
Concentration in Wildlife (WILD)

Environmental & Sustainability Studies, B.A.

The BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies degree program is jointly offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (COS) and the School of Integrative Studies (CHSS). For the current B.A. degree requirements, please refer to the University Catalog for this program of study.


Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Program(s)

Bachelor’s Degree (Green Leaf)/Environmental Science and Policy, Accelerated MS catalog info

To apply to the Accelerated Master’s Program, visit: https://www2.gmu.edu/admissions-aid/how-apply/accelerated-masters


Joint Program Undergraduate Degrees

Biology, B.S.

This degree program is offered by the Department of Biology. In collaboration with the ESP department, the Environmental Science and Conservation Biology (ESCB) concentration of this degree is taught by ESP faculty.


Undergraduate Minors

In addition to the above undergraduate degree programs, the following undergraduate minors are offered by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. Those which are co-sponsored are noted.

Conservation Biology Minor

Conservation Studies Minor (COS)

Environmental Policy Minor

Environmental Science Minor 

Sustainability Enterprise Minor

Sustainability Studies Minor


Non-degree Program