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Rapid Assessment and Discovery of a Missing Hawksbill Turtle Population

The first official survey of the highly protected Tres Marias islands to conduct a rapid assessment of sea turtle presence.

Bridging Science and Policy: Notes from the field

How can scientists engage with and work to influence policy? Examining legal changes that affect national parks and protected areas in Ecuador and Peru.

Reintroducing lost frogs back into the Panamanian rainforest

Amphibian populations in Panama vanished seemingly overnight. Conservation scientists are reintroducing lost frogs back into the wild.

Designing a new Marine Protected Area in the Western Antarctic Peninsula

Studying how Antarctic krill populations change over time to help the design process for a new Antarctic Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) region.

Reports of New Coral Diseases on South Florida Coral Reefs

New coral diseases on South Florida coral reefs

Tourism-conservation partnerships in Kenya

Tourism-conservation partnerships in Kenya

Climate Change and the Mid-Atlantic Summer Flounder Fishery: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Informing Adaptive Management

Climate Change and its impact on the distribution, stock structure, and productivity of summer flounder

Effects of wetland plant functional group (GD) on carbon storage and nitrogen removal

How the gain of plant diversity at early stages of restoration affects the development of soil properties and processes in restored wetlands

Black-band coral disease

Black-band disease on brain coral in the Bahamas. The disease is destroying coral tissue throughout the Caribbean

Fish ecology in the Potomac watershed

Fish ecology in the Potomac watershed

Important Dates for Students

SPRING 2020 Semester (modified due to COVID-19)

MLK Day (university closed): Jan 20

First day of classes: Jan 21

Spring Break (extended): Mar 9-20

Dissertation/Thesis Deadline: May 8

Last day of classes: May 11

Reading Day(s): May 12

Final Exam Period: May 13-20

University Commencement: May 22 (tentative)

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