Boats and vehicles

ESP owns three vehicles and a number of boats for use in research and teaching activities.  The vehicles and boats are housed at the Potomac Science Center in Woodbridge.

For vehicle use, drivers are required to have a valid US driver’s license and have taken the university’s Driver Awareness Training (please provide date of training as part of use request).  A mileage charge is assessed for use.

For boat use, the boats have a daily charge with their use and must have an approved boat driver on board who can provide a copy of the Boat Safety training certificate/card (course is not offered through GMU, but necessary to fulfill a Commonwealth of Virginia requirement).

While these vehicles and boats may be utilized by Mason faculty and students, with permission, please note that PEREC/ESP contracted research will take priority.  When placing a request to use a vehicle or boat please contact Dr. R. Chris Jones and provide:  name, status (faculty/student), if student – name of faculty member overseeing the research, what vehicle/boat is/are being requested, who the vehicle and/or boat driver will be, dates and location of use, and source of funding to cover use.

In general, boat use will only be allowed within a 40 mile radius of PEREC and boats must picked up and returned to the Potomac Science Center on the same day.