Albert Torzilli


Albert P. Torzilli, Associate Professor 
Ph.D. University of Georgia, Botany

Research Focus: Mycology and Fungal Diversity

Office: DK 3040

Phone: 703-993-3457

Email: Click Here

Dr. Torzilli is the Graduate Program Director for the Environmental Science & Policy Department. Dr. Torzilli uses molecular and biochemical methods to study the role of fungi in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. His research projects include the molecular characterization of fungal communities associated with detritus processing of salt marsh plants, and the roots of invasive plant species and their native competitors. New research projects include fungi associated with corals, and interactions between commercial truffles and native truffle species. Courses taught by Dr. Torzilli include Fungi and Ecosystems; Mushrooms, Molds and Society; and Medical Mycology.