Faculty Bios

Since our program is interdisciplinary, please keep in mind that you may have an advisor who is a program faculty member in any George Mason University Department. To make the process easier, please view the Advisors for Prospective Students document.

To initiate the process, email a potential advisor to request an appointment. In the request, please include a short paragraph stating your thesis/project topic. Be as short but detailed as possible. Please do your background research before contacting a professor. Once you have an email agreement from the potential faculty member,  please then solicit via email this professor’s agreement to serve as your advisor and ask them to send the Graduate Office at espgrad@gmu.edu a letter of support stating why you would be a good fit for them. You cannot be admitted to the program without this agreement.  


A. Alonso Aguirre
Changwoo Ahn
Karen Akerlof
Susan Crate
Kim de Mutsert
Amy Fowler
Travis Gallo
Scott Glaberman
R. Chris Jones
Chris Kennedy
Younsung Kim
Kim Largen
Thomas Lovejoy
German Perilla
Esther Peters
Jennifer Salerno
Daniel Sklarew
Cynthia Smith
Lee Talbot
Diego Valderrama
Joris L. van der Ham


Ted Bradley
Carl Ernst
Robert Jonas
Donald Kelso
Jay Shaffer
Judith Skog
Albert Torzilli