Amy Fowler



Amy E. Fowler, Assistant Professor
Faculty Fellow, Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center (PEREC)
Ph.D. Auckland University

Research Focus: Invertebrate Ecology, Invasive Species Ecology

Office: DK 3024 and PSC 3113

Phone: 703-993-5956

E-mail: Click Here

Dr. Fowler’s general research interests and experiences include global aquatic invertebrate species patterns, biodiversity, phenotypic plasticity, parasitology, and community and population level interactions of aquatic invertebrates, especially those concerning invasions. She has experience working in freshwater, estuarine, and marine systems both in the United States and globally. Currently, her laboratory at GMU has three main topics of study: host-parasite interactions, invasion dynamics and processes, and natural resource management of commercially and recreationally important aquatic invertebrate species.

Dr. Fowler teaches courses in Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology and Marine Ecology at the graduate and undergraduate level. She holds an adjunct position at the College of Charleston and is a research associate with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, where she completed her postdoctoral work. In addition, she is an associate editor for three international peer-reviewed journals: Aquatic Invasions, Management of Biological Invasions, and Bioinvasions Records.