Joris L. van der Ham

Joris L. van der Ham, Assistant Professor (Term)
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Ph.D. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Research Focus: Invertebrate Community Ecology, Entomology

Office: DK 3037

Phone: 703-993-5863

E-mail: Click Here

Dr. van der Ham is an invertebrate ecologist and zoologist. His past research focused on ultra anatomy, molecular phylogenetic, and estuarine ecology of a wide variety of invertebrates. He has a specific interest in community ecology and he studies the relationship between environmental variables and invertebrate community structure at various spatial and temporal scales. His most recent research focuses on the community ecology of carrion insects. Dr. van der Ham and his students investigate variation in succession patterns of diptera assemblages of carrion communities, and how these patterns are affected by environmental factors.

Dr. van der Ham is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. He teaches classes in Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Oceanography.