Younsung Kim


Younsung Kim, Associate Professor (Term)
Ph.D. George Mason University, Environmental Science and Public Policy
M.E.M. Seoul National University

Affiliations: Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Global Affairs Program, Schar School of Policy and Government

Research Focus: Collaborative Governance, Climate and Renewable Energy Policy, Public and Private Partnerships, and Policy Analysis

Office: DK 3014

Phone: 703-993-5165

Email: Click Here

Dr. Kim has conducted research on collaborative governance and non-regulatory policy tools that are designed to address today’s complicated environmental issues. Focusing on the private sector’s role in environmental governance, she has explored topics such as whether Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) are effective, why some companies are more receptive to mandated environmental policies, and which companies would be more likely to be an ideal partner for forming cross-sector partnerships that could address climate change and advance global sustainability. Her recent work focuses on the role of public-private partnerships (PPP) for renewable energy diffusion in developing countries.

Her research on EMSs and collaborative governance has been published in Public Administration Review. In 2016, her research article, “Business as a Collaborative Partner: Understanding Firms’ Sociopolitical Support for Policy Formation” received the Best Article Award from the Public and Nonprofit Management Division of the Academy of Management.

Dr. Kim’s professional experience includes serving in the capacity of deputy manager of the Policy Communication Division of the Ministry of Environment in South Korea. She also provided consultancy services for the Carbon Finance Team at the World Bank, enabling project developers and policy makers in developing countries to capitalize on carbon financing and renewable energy opportunities.

Dr. Kim teaches several courses in environmental policy and management as well as research methodology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her courses include Environmental Policy, Corporate Environmental Management and Policy, Issues in Public Management, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis. She also coordinates EVPP 337: Environmental Policymaking in Developing Countries, a writing intensive course for undergraduate students in Global Affairs and Environmental Science degree programs.


Selected Publications

Kim, Y. and Darnall, N. “Business-government Collaboration May Help Solve Complex Social Issues.” Web log post. LSE Business Review. N.p., 5 Feb. 2016. Web.

Kim, Y. and Darnall, N. (2016), Business as a Collaborative Partner: Understanding Firms’ Sociopolitical Support for Policy Formation. Public Administration Review. 76(2):326-337.

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