Enrique (Tres) Montaño

Ph.D. Geographical Sciences
University of Maryland

Dr. Tres Montaño is a USGS Mendenhall Fellow in Research Geography, and a recent addition to the ESP faculty. His current research is focused on remote identification of invasive tree species through hybrid data streams, including NEON high-resolution visual imagery, hyperspectral reflectance, field survey data, and phenological observations.

His specialties are Remote Sensing, time-series analysis, big-data and complex-data analytics and computation. Although his Mendenhall Fellowship is focused on individual work, Dr. Montaño works with a diversity of interdisciplinary research teams, frequently collaborating on projects as diverse as evolutionary phylogenetic analysis; species richness, diversity, and distribution patterns; and forest and dryland management strategies.

Dr. Montaño is available to advise on thesis and dissertation projects and committees, especially for students with a spatial or temporo-spatial aspect to their research or project design. He has previously taught a molecular biology and bioinformatics use-case-scenario course in the R language, for analytical biologists at the Smithsonian NMNH. His first course offering here at ESP will be available to graduate students for Spring 2018 – Environmental Science Data & the R Language.