Other Faculty – Affiliate

Students: ESP Affiliate Faculty are approved to sit on thesis and dissertation committees as an external committee member however, all committees must have at least one core faculty member in the committee (who are also often the chair of the committee).


  1. Please note that Mason does not allow an individual to be an Adjunct Faculty and Affiliate Faculty member concurrently.
  2. The ESP department strives to maintain the most current list of Affiliate Faculty and their contact email addresses, but Affiliate Faculty are appointed on an annual basis, and must renew each year to maintain their affiliation with the department.
  3. If you need to correct any information on this list, please send an email directly to the ESP webmaster.
  4. Names in Red – new affiliates awaiting approval (pending University processing)


Name Organization (current/previous) or specialization Email
Abidoye, Babatunde Economics of climate change Click Here
Akerlof, Karen George Mason University Click Here
Allen, Reginald EPA/Policy making Click Here
Akob, Denise M. USGS/Water research, microbiology Click Here
Bauer, Erika Smithsonian Institution/Primates Click here
Brown, Janine Smithsonian Institution Click here
Buchanan, Claire Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Click here
Buchino, Judith AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Click here
Campana, Michael G. Smithsonian Institution Click here
Comiskey, James A. National Park Service/Ecologist Click here
Cook, Geoffrey Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission/Coral disease Click here
Dowsett, Harry USGS/Paleoclimate data Click here
Fisher, Andmorgan (Amy) U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Click here
Glaberman, Scott University of Alabama Click here
Guala, Gerald USGS/Botany Click here
Helgen, Kristofer M. Smithsonian Institution Click here
Jonas, Robert B. George Mason University Click here
Kolowski, Joseph Smithsonian Institution Click here
Kress, John W. Smithsonian Institution Click here
Laurance, William James Cook University Click here
Lee, Karen OSCAR, George Mason Univ. Click here
Leimgruber, Peter Smithsonian Institution Click here
Luksenberg, Jolanda George Mason University Click here
Malcom, Jacob Defenders of Wildlife/Endangered species Click here
Manca, Germana GIS Click here
Marra, Peter GIS Click here
McShea, William J. Smithsonian Institution Click here
Megonigal, James P. (Pat) Smithsonian Institution Click here
Monfort, Steven Smithsonian Institution Click here
Muniganondh, Chulaporn Lake Sumter State College Click here
Murray, Jason NOAA National Ocean Service/Environmental Economist Click here
Noe, Gregory B. USGS/Research Ecologist Click here
Ogburn, Matthew Smithsonian Institution Click here
Reaser, Jamie K. U.S. National Invasive Species Council Click here
Seidensticker IV, John C. Smithsonian Institution Click here
Shields, Lindsey Smithsonian Institution Click here
Smith, A. Kirk Northern Virginia Community College Click here
Smith, Clint U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Click here
Smith, Courtney NOAA Fisheries/Marine mammal behavior ecologist Click here
Sohmer, Seymour (Sy) Sohmer and Associates Click here
Songsasen, Nucharin Smithsonian Institution Click here
Thornhill, Jennifer National Science Foundation/Social science analyst Click here
Torzilli, Albert P. George Mason University Click here
Waters, Nigel George Mason University/GIS Click here
Wright, Andrew J. Aarhus University/Marine mammalogist Click here