Other Faculty – Graduate Program

Graduate faculty in any department of the College of Science or the School of Integrative Studies are eligible to be graduate advisors and thesis and dissertation committee chairs. The faculty listed below are currently advisors and committee chairs in the MS in Environmental Science and Policy and/or the PhD in Environmental Science and Public Policy.


 Name Department/Organization Email
Crooks, Andrew Computational and Data Sciences acrooks2@gmu.edu
Foster, Greg Chemistry and Biochemistry gfoster@gmu.edu
Freeman, Elizabeth School of Integrative Studies afreeman@gmu.edu
Gilmore, Michael School of Integrative Studies mgilmor1@gmu.edu
Houser, Paul Geography and Geoinformation Science phouser1@gmu.edu
Lim, Haw Chuan Department of Biology hlim22@gmu.edu
Luther, David Department of Biology dluther@gmu.edu
McBride, Randolph Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences rmcbride@gmu.edu
Uhen, Mark Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences muhen@gmu.edu
Van Aken, Benoit Chemistry and Biochemistry bvanaken@gmu.edu
Van Sant, Levi School of Integrative Studies cvansan@gmu.edu
Weeks, Andrea Department of Biology aweeks3@gmu.edu
Wood, Thomas School of Integrative Studies twoodn@gmu.edu