Other Faculty – Graduate Program

Students: It is best to email the faculty member in question if you are in the process of securing an advisor and/or forming your committee. Corrections and updates can be directed to the ESP Webmaster.

Program Faculty are associated with the Department of Environmental Science and Policy in that they serve on thesis and dissertation committees, engage in ongoing research with our graduate students, or occasionally teach a course in the department. They are faculty members in other Mason departments, schools, and research centers.


 Name Department/Organization Phone Email
Bailey, Charles School of Systems Biology/National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Disease 703-993-4271 cbailey2@gmu.edu
Baranova, Ancha School of Systems Biology 703-993-4293 abaranov@gmu.edu
Chandhoke, Vikas School of Systems Biology 703-993-5169 vchandho@gmu.edu
Conant, James Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-1416 jconant@gmu.edu
Conlan, Tim Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-1427 tconlan@gmu.edu
Crerar, Lorelei Department of Biology 703-993-5609 lcrerar@gmu.edu
Edwards, Cody Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation 703-993-4564 cedward7@gmu.edu
Forkner, Rebecca Department of Biology 703-993-4683 rforkner@gmu.edu
Foster, Gregory Chemistry and Biochemistry 703-993-1081 gfoster@gmu.edu
Frankenfeld, Cara College of Health and Human Services 703-993-1911 cfranken@gmu.edu
Freeman, Elizabeth School of Integrative Studies 703-993-9272 afreeman@gmu.edu
Fryxell, Karl School of Systems Biology 703-993-1069 kfryxell@gmu.edu
Fuertes, Al School of Integrative Studies 703-993-9727 afuertes@gmu.edu
Gifford, Jonathan Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-2275 jgifford@gmu.edu
Gilmore, Michael School of Integrative Studies 703-993-6765 mgilmor1@gmu.edu
Guagnano, Greg Sociology and Anthropology 703-993-1445 gguagnan@gmu.edu
Haack, Barry Geography and Geoinformation Science 703-993-1215 bhaack@gmu.edu
Honeychuck, Robert Chemistry and Biochemistry 703-993-1076 rhoneych@gmu.edu
Houck, Mark Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering 703-993-1737 mhouck@gmu.edu
Jacobsen, Kathryn College of Health and Human Services 703-993-9168 kjacobse@gmu.edu
Kozlowski, James C. College of Education and Human Development 703-993-2027 jkozlows@gmu.edu
La Porte, Todd Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-3351 tlaporte@gmu.edu
Lawrey, James D. Department of Biology 703-993-1059 jlawrey@gmu.edu
Lee, Karen Students as Scholars, OSCAR 703-993-6203 klee57@gmu.edu
Lessard-Pilon, Stephanie Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation 540-635-0471 slessar2@gmu.edu
Luther, David Department of Biology 703-993-5267 dluther@gmu.edu
Maibach, Edward Communication 703-993-1587 emaibach@gmu.edu
McBride, Randolph Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences 703-993-1642 rmcbride@gmu.edu
McNeil, Jim Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation 540-635-0462 jmcneil@gmu.edu
Metcalf, James College of Health and Human Services 703-993-2070 jmetcalf@gmu.edu
Nord, Julia Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences 703-993-3395 jnord@gmu.edu
Nix, Shannon Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness 703-993-8616 snix2@gmu.edu
Olds, James Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-3819 jolds@gmu.edu
Pawloski, Lisa College of Health and Human Services 703-993-4628 lpawlosk@gmu.edu
Regan, Priscilla M. Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-1419 pregan@gmu.edu
Rice, Matt Geography and Geoinformation Science 703-993-9223 rice@gmu.edu
Rockwood, Larry Chair, Department of Biology 703-993-1031 lrockwoo@gmu.edu
Rodgers, Ellen Drogin College of Education and Human Development 703-993-2034 erodger1@gmu.edu
Rowan, Katherine Communication 703-993-4063 krowan@gmu.edu
Schoeny, Mara School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution 703-993-9191 mschoeny@gmu.edu
Seto, Donald School of Systems Biology 703-993-8403 dseto@gmu.edu
Storr, Virgil Mercatus Center 703-993-8127 vstorr@gmu.edu
Uhen, Mark Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences 703-993-5264 muhen@gmu.edu
Venigalla, Mohan Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering 703-993-1630 mvenigal@gmu.edu
Verardo, Stacey Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences 703-993-1045 sverardo@gmu.edu
Wan, Ming Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-2955 mwan@gmu.edu
Weeks, Andrea Department of Biology 703-993-3488 aweeks3@gmu.edu
Wingfield, Andrew School of Integrative Studies 703-993-4307 awingfie@gmu.edu
Wong, David Geography and Geoinformation Science 703-993-9260 dwong2@gmu.edu
Wood, Thomas School of Integrative Studies 703-993-3167 twood@gmu.edu
Zolnik, Edmund Schar School of Policy and Government 703-993-1144 ezolnik@gmu.edu