Department of Environmental Science & Policy

David King Hall Room 3005
Tel: 703-993-1043 Fax: 703-993-1066

Laura Birsa, PEREC Laboratory & Field Technician

Phone: 703-993-1036
Room: Potomac Science Center 3112
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Aikwan Chong, Webmaster 

Phone: 703-993-5171
Room: DK 3014
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Hillary Hamm, Fiscal and HR Technician

Phone: 703-993-5881
Room: DK 3012
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Stephanie Lister, Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Coordinator

Phone: 703-993-3187
Room: DK 3039
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Monica Marcelli, Lab Manager

Phone: 703-993-4043
Room: DK 3028
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Anne Reynolds, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 703-993-1043
Room: DK 3005
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Cheryl Skolnick, Grants and Finance Analyst

Phone: 703-993-3189
Room: DK 3013
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