Alumni News

  • Milton Muldrow, Jr. (PhD, 2016), Chair of the Departments of Biology and Environmental Science and Policy at Wilmington University, was recently recognized as a DBT40 Honoree:
  • Adrian Dahood (PhD, 2017) has accepted a position as Marine Protected Areas Senior Scientist/Policy Advisor at the Ocean Protection Council in Sacramento, CA. Update: Please see
  • Monica Hawkins (PhD, 2009) recently published 2 books about raising extraordinary children. “Raising Boys Into Extraordinary Young Men” is written for parents about how to raise their sons to be articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young men and leaders. “Raising Girls Into Extraordinary Young Women” is a blueprint for parents to use to raise their daughters to be articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young women and leaders. Read more about both books: and
  • Richard S. Groover (PhD, 2017), has published The Environmental Almanac of Virginia, 2nd edition. The book was published 20 years ago by a different author, and Virginia data needed updating. Dr. Groover presents current Virginia data on water resources and pollution, air pollution, waste management, land use, biota in Virginia, energy resources, and he includes a new chapter on climate change impacts in Virginia. Information on purchasing the book is found at
  • Richard Groover (PhD, 2017) was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Annual Spring Wildflower Symposium, of the Nature Foundation at Wintergreen, May 19 – 21, 2017. His presentation was entitled “Virginia = a future of drought?” Dr. Groover also presented a shorter session on dragonfly behavior and he led attendees on a visit to a local pond in Nelson County to collect local dragonfly species.
  • Ryan Valdez (PhD, 2015) received the 2017 Mason Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Science. Read the post here:
  • Jennifer Mickelberg (PhD, 2011) has been promoted to Senior Director of Collections and Conservation at Zoo Atlanta. She has been with Zoo Atlanta as the Curator of Primates since 2012. Her new positions begins on April 4, 2016.
  • Cynthia Warrick (PhD, 1999) has been appointed Interim President of South Carolina State University.
  • Linda Abbott (MS, 1981) has been selected as the Director of the Office of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis by Joseph Glauber, Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • J. Paige Rothenberger (MS, 2004) was elected to the Vice Chair position for the U.S. All Islands Coral Reef Committee. Previously, in February 2010, she was appointed to represent the Caribbean Region on the Governance Coordinating Committee of the White House’s National Ocean Council.
  • Paul Lewis (PhD, 2004) will be leaving the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) as Executive Director to lead the Chemical Information and Testing Branch at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During his tenure, the NSABB has issued several critical reports fostering a culture of responsibility and promoting outreach and education on the dual use research issue. This, in addition to the Board’s ongoing activities, is evidence of the Board’s success and its continued importance.

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