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The ESP-GSA is a GMU organization, open to all graduate students in the ESP department as well as any graduate student interested in environmental science and environmental policy. Download a membership application and join today!  The ESP-GSA also puts together the Graduate Student Handbook for ESP, a very useful resource. This is the updated version (February 2017).

The Fall 2019 ESP-GSA Graduate Student Orientation Google Docs Slideshow is now available. The event is on August 23, 2019 at 10:00am in DK 3006.  Please RSVP to

Our Goals

  • To foster a sense of community
  • To increase communication within the ESP department and with other GMU departments
  • To advocate for graduate student interests and concerns
  • To provide a unified voice for members
  • To provide extracurricular activities and have fun!
  • To provide special academic events relevant to student interests
  • To showcase graduate student achievements
  • To foster graduate student and faculty interaction

GSA Committee 2018 – 2019

President: Sarah Farinelli (
Vice President: Betsy Collins (
Secretary: Tovah Siegel (
Treasurer: Meadhbh Molloy (
Student Rep: Sara Marriott (
Social Chair: Sammie Alexander (

Sarah Farinelli

Betsy Collins

Tovah Siegel

Meadhbh Molloy

Sara Marriott

Sammie Alexander

Our general email is

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Esther Peters

Also, please join the ESP-GSA Facebook group. This is the best way to receive updates about events, job postings, and other resources:

EVENTS (only during the fall and spring semesters)

Spring 2020

Please join ESP GSA for a welcome back coffee meet up from 11 AM to 12 PM this Wednesday (Jan. 29) at De Clieu Coffee & Sandwiches (just off campus, about 10 min walk from Merten Hall). Join fellow ESP students for chatting, camaraderie, and caffeine (or just tasty treats). This meetup is a good way to get to know members of your cohort, as well as learn more about funding opportunities, upcoming conferences, and GSA events planned for the spring semester.
Please RSVP to the event on the GSA Facebook page. We hope to see you there!


Dues: $10 per semester; $20 for full year
Please submit this membership form electronically to or in person to any member of the ESP-GSA board.

We accept membership dues by cash or check. You may submit forms and dues in person to any member of the ESP-GSA board, mail them to our new address, or place them in our department mailbox.

New Mailing Address
To pay dues by check, please make checks out to “George Mason University” and write “ESP-GSA” in the memo line. You can drop forms and checks off at the ESP main office (during business hours) or mail checks to:

George Mason University
MS 5F2
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030


List of previous Travel Grant Award Recipients (PDF).


ESP-GSA will review applications for Conference Travel Grants in October and April of every year. Applicants must apply before travel and will not be reimbursed until after returning from travel. Students who receive funding are responsible for managing the travel reimbursement process and filling out paperwork in a timely manner (with our help if needed) or else funding will not be provided.

Who is eligible?

Current ESP-GSA members, who have paid dues for the current semester before the application deadline, who are in good standing with the Association and with the University, and who will attend a conference or workshop in support of their academic progress (e.g. giving a talk, poster, or workshop). Preference will be given to active GSA members who have attended at least one event in the past year.

To apply please submit a “letter of intent” no later than the following deadlines:

For conferences occurring during the Fall semester and over winter break, submit a letter of intent by April 1.

For conferences occurring during the Spring and Summer semesters, submit a letter of intent by October 1 .

To submit a letter of intent, please send an email to and CC the current President and Treasurer. In the body of the email include only the following information: name of applicant, conference name, whether you will be presenting a poster or talk, and dates of the conference. Only students who have submitted a letter of intent will be invited to submit a full application. Students will be notified of the deadline to submit a full application within a week of submitting a letter of intent.

New applicants will be given priority over repeat applicants. Applicants presenting research are given priority.

What is it?
Up to $250 in financial assistance for ESP-GSA members to attend a conference.

How can I apply?
1) Fill in the travel grant application form —>choose one (PDF) or (Word) and submit required supporting documentation AND
2) Email your application to the current ESP-GSA Treasurer and CC to to ensure that your application is promptly received.

Consider applying so the ESP-GSA can help fund your conference travel!

*Note that additional funding for GMU students is available through the Graduate Student Travel Fund.


Current and active GSA members are encouraged to apply for a professional membership award. Applications will be reviewed in October and April each year. This award will provide funding for one year of membership or a maximum of $40. Preference will be given to students that are interested in applying to a grant through the professional membership organization and/or intending to register for more than one year at a discounted rate. Applications will be reviewed by the board, and applicants will be notified of their status within a week of the deadline.

Application form


Spring Semester: April 15

Fall Semester: October 15

To apply, please complete the form and email it to and CC the current president and treasurer.


Defending soon? It is customary for students defending to provide food and beverages at their thesis defense, and we want to help! Current and active GSA members that are defending their master’s or doctoral thesis are encouraged to inquire about our catering services. These services are provided on a first come basis and we anticipate funding for up to 5 people each semester. Funding is contingent upon approval from the Student Funding Board.

To apply, please complete the application form and email it to and CC the current president and treasurer. The deadline to apply will vary by applicant, as applications are due at least 2 months prior to the defense date. 


1) Open your Google Calendar in your web browser.

2) On the bar on the left side of the screen below your Calendar(s) you will see a drop down of “Other Calendars”

3) Click on the arrow on the RIGHT of the “Other Calendars” drop-down (the arrow on the left will simply open/close the menu of these calendars).

4) Select “Add by URL”

5) paste this link into the window that pops up

6) If you wish to add the webinar calendar follow the same procedure and use this link