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As of January 2017, the ESP department supports a GoToMeeting webinar account subscription. This service enables remote participation in departmental seminars, meetings, orientations, graduate student defenses, and other activities. The GSA has developed a user-friendly webinar guide to enable all ESP graduate students, faculty, post-docs, and staff to use the service. If you would like to use the webinar service, please review the guide and email us with any comments or questions (


The ESP-GSA is a GMU organization, open to all graduate students in the ESP department as well as any graduate student interested in environmental science and environmental policy. Download a membership application and join today!  The ESP-GSA also puts together the Graduate Student Handbook for ESP, a very useful resource. This is the updated version (February 2017).

If you missed the Spring 2018 ESP-GSA Graduate Student Orientation, please click below to catch up:

Our Goals

  • To foster a sense of community
  • To increase communication within the ESP department and with other GMU departments
  • To advocate for graduate student interests and concerns
  • To provide a unified voice for members
  • To provide extracurricular activities and have fun!
  • To provide special academic events relevant to student interests
  • To showcase graduate student achievements
  • To foster graduate student and faculty interaction

GSA Committee 2017 – 2018

President: Rachel Golden Kroner (
Vice President: Tovah Siegel (
Secretary: Sarah Farinelli (
Treasurer: Blake Klocke (
Student Rep: Betsy Collins (
Social Chair: Sara Marriott (

Rachel Golden Kroner, President

Tovah Siegel, Vice President

Sarah Farinelli Secretary

Blake Klocke, Treasurer

Betsy Collins, Student Rep

Sara Marriott, Social Chair

Our general email is

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chris Parsons

Also, please join the ESP-GSA Facebook group. This is the best way to receive updates about events, job postings, and other resources:

EVENTS (usually during the fall and spring semesters)


February 27, 5:00pm, happy hour at Brion’s Grille

March 15, 5:00pm, happy hour at Auld Shebeen

End of semester events:

1. Join us on April 24 at 2:30 – 4 pm in David King Hall Room 3006 (ESP Conference Room) for our annual general meeting, GSA board elections, and career workshop!

Saskia Clay-Rooks, the Executive Director of University Career Services will be giving a workshop on networking, LinkedIn, and more from 2:30 – 3:30 pm. Following the workshop, we will hold elections for new GSA board members from 3:30 – 4:00 pm. Joining the board is the best way to get involved in the GSA! It is also a great way to grow your own leadership and professional skills.

Can’t make this meeting in person? Join us via webinar! or dial in using your phone: United States +1 (669) 224 – 3412 access code: 583-524-117

There are six positions up for elections:

President (leads the board and coordinates all GSA activities)
Vice President (supports the president)
Treasurer (manages all finances)
Secretary (shares information about our opportunities and maintains records)
Student Representative (leads orientation, updates our handbook, and works with GAPSA)
Social Chair (organizes social events)

2. Join us again at the Crafthouse in Fairfax on April 28 at 2 pm to celebrate the end of the semester (you deserve it)!

Faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students, family and friends are all invited! Please RSVP and indicate if you are bringing guests using this link

Address of the Crafthouse: 11861 Palace Way, Fairfax Virginia 22030

We look forward to seeing everyone at these events to close out the semester!


Dues: $10 per semester; $20 for full year
Please submit this membership form electronically to or in person to any member of the ESP-GSA board.

We accept membership dues by cash or check. You may submit forms and dues in person to any member of the ESP-GSA board, mail them to our new address, or place them in our department mailbox.

New Mailing Address
To pay dues by check, please make checks out to “George Mason University” and write “ESP-GSA” in the memo line. You can drop forms and checks off at the ESP main office (during business hours) or mail checks to:

George Mason University
MS 5F2
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030


List of previous Travel Grant Award Recipients (PDF).


ESP-GSA will review applications for Conference Travel Grants in October and April of every year. Applicants must apply before travel and will not be reimbursed until after returning from travel. Students who receive funding are responsible for managing the travel reimbursement process and filling out paperwork in a timely manner (with our help if needed) or else funding will not be provided.

Who is eligible?
Current ESP-GSA members, who have paid dues for the current semester before the application deadline, who are in good standing with the Association and with the University, and who will attend a conference or workshop in support of their academic progress (e.g. giving a talk, poster, or workshop). Preference will be given to active GSA members who have attended at least one event in the past year.

For conferences occurring between May 5 and October 27, submit applications by April 1.

For conferences occurring between October 28 and May 4, submit applications by October 1.

New applicants will be given priority over repeat applicants. Applicants presenting research are given priority.

What is it?
Up to $250 in financial assistance for ESP-GSA members to attend a conference.

When can I apply?
Applications are due April 1 and October 1 of each year.

How can I apply?
1) Fill in the travel grant application form —>choose one (PDF) or (Word) and submit required supporting documentation AND
2) Email your application to the current ESP-GSA Treasurer and CC to to ensure that your application is promptly received.

Consider applying so the ESP-GSA can help fund your conference travel!

*Note that additional funding for GMU students is available through the Graduate Student Travel Fund.


1) Open your Google Calendar in your web browser.

2) On the bar on the left side of the screen below your Calendar(s) you will see a drop down of “Other Calendars”

3) Click on the arrow on the RIGHT of the “Other Calendars” drop-down (the arrow on the left will simply open/close the menu of these calendars).

4) Select “Add by URL”

5) paste this link into the window that pops up

6) If you wish to add the webinar calendar follow the same procedure and use this link