ESP-GSA Travel Grant Award Recipients

The following is a list of ESP-GSA Travel Grant Award Winners by semester. To view the abstracts of any of the work below, please download the full document (PDF).

Fall 2016


Lisa LaCivita

Conference: 2016 ACES (A Community on Ecosystem Services Linking Science, Practice and Decision Making)

Title: County-Wide Amphibian Monitoring for Watershed Condition & Public Engagement

Spring 2016


Kate Malpelli

Conference: Association of American Geographers

Title: A spatial and temporal analysis of human-black bear conflict in Virginia

Fall 2015


Elly Roland

Conference: Society for Marine Mammalogy

Why not whaling data: Using energetics models to address population consequences of behavioral disturbance


Michelle Ryan

Conference: Water Resources Conference of the Virginias

Title: Geospatial analysis of the mystery snail Bellamya spp. (Gastropoda; Caenogastropoda: Viviparidae) in the Potomac River Watershed

Spring 2015


Manuela Dal Forno

Conference: Botany 2015 – Science and Plants for People

Photobiont versus mycobiont diversity: A case study of the lichen symbiosis in the Dictyonema clade


High levels of endemism in Galapagos Islands basidiolichens of the Dictyonema clade: An updated assessment including molecular data and taxonomic novelties

Manuela Dal Forno, Robert Lücking, Frank Bungartz, and James D. Lawrey


Rachel Golden

Conference: 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology

Protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement (PADDD) in the United States, 1900 – 2014


Dana McCoskey

Conference: 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology

Molecular identification of the wood thrush diet and validation of a protocol for studies of avian diets


Amanda Sills

Conference: American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 2015

Trends in Ichthyoplankton Assemblage Structures in a Recovering Freshwater Tidal Embayment

Fall 2014


Tunde Adebola

Conference: Ecopath 30 years

Reducing Anthropogenic Impacts on Nigerian Costal Fisheries Resources


Peter Jacobs

Conference: AGU Fall Meeting

1) It Ain’t (Just) the Heat, It’s the Humanity: Increasing Public Understanding of Scientific Consensus and Its Role in Climate Literacy

2) Putting the Past to Work: Driving Ecosystem Models with Mid-Pliocene Patterns of Warming


Jenell Walsh-Thomas

Conference: AGU Fall Meeting

Assessing the Use of Metaphors to Facilitate and Improve the Effectiveness of Climate Change Communication

Spring 2014


Amy Johnson

Conference: North America Congress for Conservation Biology

Grassland and shrubland bird associations with native grasses in Virginia


Samantha Oester

Conference: International Marine Conservation Congress

1) Using Social Media to Make Your Marine Science Matter

2) Talking the Talk: Giving Effective and Engaging Presentations

3)  The Science of Conservation Communication: Effective Outreach through the Media and Collaborating with Communication Professionals

Fall 2013 


Katheryn Patterson

Conference: 20th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

Orca survivorship in captivity: Where are we now?


Loren Petruny

Conference: North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium 2013 Annual Meeting

Getting it right for the right whale: a last opportunity for effective marine spatial planning along the US Atlantic coastline


Chelsie Romulo

Conference:  2013 Conference of the Raptor Research Foundation/ I World Wide Raptor Research Conference


Karin Schwartz

Conference: Conservation Breeding Specialist Group 2013

Integrated Data Management for Reintroductions and Conservation Translocations:  Linking In Situ and Ex Situ Data Management for Conservation

Spring 2013


Lauren Augustine

Conference: 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology

Nutritional comparison of larval Cryptobranchus alleganiensis (hellbender) diets in captivity and in the wild


Adrian Dahood

Workshop: Programming with EWE

[Attended as a participant to learn skills needed to conduct dissertation research]


Mirian  Tsuchiya

Conference:  93rd Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists

Phylogeography, demographic history and molecular diversity of two Neotropical species of family Procyonidae (Mammalia, Carnivora): Nasua nasua and Procyon cancrivorus.

Fall 2012


Jessica Kordell

Conference: Red Panda SSP and Husbandry Course

Red Panda Research Past, Present and Future